Welcome to PuentesPeruanos
The goal of PuentesPeruanos (PeruvianBridges) is to build and strengthen the covenant relationships between the Presbyterian Church, PC(USA), and partner churches; the Iglésia Evangelica Presbiteriana Reformada en el Peru (IEPRP), and the Iglésia Evangelica Peruana (IEP). PuentesPeruanos will post information to promote vibrant partnerships, and share intriguing options for fellowship and mission.

Sara Armstrong and Rusty Edmondson are PC(USA) Mission Co-workers based in Lima. Their work Peru began in January, 2009. The first year in Peru they traveled to meet Peruvian partners and visit churches with one goal in mind; to listen. This listening has now segued into three more objectives. The first is to strengthen and deepen the covenant relationships between PC (USA), the IEPRP and the IEP. The second objective is to serve as a resource; as translators,  logistics coordinators and accompaniers for incoming teams. Long established teams visiting Peru may have less need of assistance with logistics but they do have a wealth of experience that could help other teams. Therefore, Sara and Rusty encourage churches and faith based non-profits that work in Peru to join the Peru Mission Network (PMN). PMN is a non-profit established for “fostering and coordinating mutual ministry in partnership”, between churches and NGO’s working within Peru. For further information on PMN contact us at dos_zapatos@yahoo.com

Sara and Rusty enjoy building bridges between cultures. This then introduces the third objective: building a “communication bridge”.  It is one project to build a bridge, it is quite another to have traffic use it. These informational pages and links will feature projects, needs and news from churches in Peru. They will be an introduction to opportunities of service and fellowship with these covenant partners.

We look forward to serving with you in Peru!

Saludos fraternales de Sara Armstrong and Rusty Edmondson